Susan Crumb
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To Steve & family  / Jack Pessia (Friend of Steve )  Read >>
To Steve & family  / Jack Pessia (Friend of Steve )
Steve, so sorry to hear about your families loss. Jack Close
Susan / Pamela Leptich (sister-in-law)  Read >>
Susan / Pamela Leptich (sister-in-law)

Susan, I love and admire you. A beautiful woman who experienced much. So gifted, so challenged, so many blessings, such heartache. You handled it all with grace, faith, courage and honesty. As so has your family. Love to them.


I will always remember how much fun you are, the twinkle in your eye, the light within you and your interest and care for others that I saw in you just 2 weeks before you died. How did you do that? I don't know but it's a lesson for me. Blessings to all of those who mourn and miss you. Love, Pamela




At peace  / Molly Myers-Jakubczak (Friend)  Read >>
At peace  / Molly Myers-Jakubczak (Friend)
Dear Steve and family. I wanted to express my deepest sympathy for you all and let you know that there are so many of us that are thinking about you and supporting you with our thoughts. Take care, Molly Close
For my Beautiful Daughter Susan  / Patricia Gwinn (Mother)  Read >>
For my Beautiful Daughter Susan  / Patricia Gwinn (Mother)
Darling Susan --- I miss you more than you will ever know!! And at the same time I am so thankful that you do not have to battle the horrible ALS - Lou Gehrig Disease anymore. But because you are my wonderful daughter it is oh so hard to let you go. __ A very special friend wrote to me -- "A mother has a storehouse of memories of a child that no one else has. Even though relationships change through time, and the stresses and strains of life, your memories as Susan's mother have a place in your heart that are tucked away. And that must make your aching deep." and that is so very true!!! My heart is filled with soooo many memories while aching for you!!! ---- Your Dad and I were the most excited and happy parents alive the day you were born!! All our family was and seemingly all of Seattle celebrated because the next morning on April 13th, Seattle had its biggest earthquake ever -- 7.1 WOW !! Looking out the window of my room at Maynard Hospital I could see bricks falling everywhere!! It was so scary. And I will never forget the nurses running through calling "THE BABIES ARE COVERED". I can hear them now!!! Thankfully we all were fine!!! ---- The day we came home from the hospital Dad was so excited and he just wanted to hold you -- You fit perfectly in his big hand!! I will never forget that picture --- you so very small and Dad so very happy and filled with wonderment!! --- You loved to be read to from the time you could sit up. Your most favorite book was "Little Benny Found A Penny" We read it so many times we had it memorized!! I even tried to hide it from you but you always knew where to find it. ---- We watched you grow into an adorable little girl. You were filled with wonderment and loved all the special fun times we had as a family with all your Aunts, Uncles, cousins and Grandma and Papa and Nana. All the fun times we had at Lake Chelan with the whole big family --- What fun you had learning to water ski then as you grew older learning to drive the boat!! So many great years!!! And all the special trips we took --- Dad and me and you and Cindy and Jeff. I feel that we were so blessed to have been able to do all these things. ---- I remember your High School years and how our house was filled with your special friends ! And I remember watching you grow into the beautiful wonderful wife and mother that you became. It was a joy watching you as you lived your life in Spokane. We loved watching Sara and Michael grow up!! The hard part for me is that the years went by soooooo very fast. BUT I am so very thankful that I was BLESSED to be your Mom!! You were a special wonderful daughter always and I miss you so very much!!! I am so thankful for all the wonderful memories that are in my heart forever!!! ---- And I am thinking about Dear Steve and Sara and Michael and Angie --- your Spokane family --- how they must be aching for you!!! I am so thankful to them , especially Steve, for the wonderful love and care they gave you!!! ---- Darling Susan You are always and forever in my heart!!! I love you forever and always too!! And Steve, Sara and Michael and Angie you are in my thoughts and prayers and I love you!! ---- Always, Susan's Mom -- Pat/Grandma Close
Our love to Steve and the family  / Sandy Gilbert (cousin)  Read >>
Our love to Steve and the family  / Sandy Gilbert (cousin)
Susan will be greatly missed. She lit up a room and made everyone welcome. I am grateful for our day together in Spokane last summer and will treasure the memories. May God bless you all. I am sorry for your loss. Close
Thinking of you  / Barb Pearman Maier (Friend of Susan and high school classmate of Steve )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Barb Pearman Maier (Friend of Susan and high school classmate of Steve )
Steve- I can not imagine the pain of Susan's passing. I am sure angels are fighting over her. Not that I have the power, but I am asking for a few to visit you and be with you and your family. I am calling you soon. - Barb Close
To the Crumb Family  / Mary Brelsford   Read >>
To the Crumb Family  / Mary Brelsford
With all my sympathy, I am so sorry to hear of Susan's death. May you all find peace. Close
Susan / Kathleen Ross (Cousin-in-law)  Read >>
Susan / Kathleen Ross (Cousin-in-law)
I am somewhat at a loss for words to describe a great woman, mother, wife, etc. I will always remember with fondness how Steve and Susan always welcomed me into their home when I was attending WSU and found my way up to Spokane at times. A great tribute of a family's love can be made to cousin Steve, Sara and Michael in their courageous endurance during Susan's battle with ALS. I will remember her fondly, free and flying at last ! Close
Remembering Susan  / Pete And Liz Grunte ("Adopted Cousins" )  Read >>
Remembering Susan  / Pete And Liz Grunte ("Adopted Cousins" )
We are privileged to have known Susan who with Steve and their family made us "cousins" by way of marriage. Our thoughts and prayers are with Steve, Sara, Mike and Angie during this difficult time. Susan spread goodness and light to family, friends and all around her, She will always be in our thoughts. Close
Courage and Love  / Tim &. Sally Quirk (family friend )  Read >>
Courage and Love  / Tim &. Sally Quirk (family friend )
Dear Steve, Sara, Michael & Angie, We want you to know that our thoughts are with all of you. The courage and love shown by your entire family is something we will long remember. We are thankful for the opportunity to have known Susan. We know that you, Steve, have been a remarkable companion to Susan and source of great comfort to her. Love, Tim and Sally Quirk Close
Susan will always be remembered  / Joan Schwenker (Friend)  Read >>
Susan will always be remembered  / Joan Schwenker (Friend)
What a privilege it has been to have Susan as my dear friend for the past 47 years. I feel lucky to have shared so many special times with her over the years we have known each other in Seattle and Spokane. Susan told me many times how appreciative she was of the fun and the care provided by Steve, Sara, Michael, and Angie. They were the best care givers! She cared deeply for others and was always inquiring about the well being of all of her friends and family. What a beautiful mother, wife, and friend on the inside and outside. Susan will be missed by so many but boy did Steve make sure she filled that bucket list with fabulous memories and adventures. She was one in a million and she touched my heart with her laughter, caring ways, concern for my family, bravery, and kindness. There will be a hole in my heart but I know she is in a better place with no suffering. Lots of love to the family, Joan Close
My Sister  / Cindy Clapper (sister)  Read >>
My Sister  / Cindy Clapper (sister)
My heart aches for the huge, incredible loss of your wonderful wife Steve, and your beautiful, sweet mother, Sara and Michael and Angie. There aren't words to say but please know that we love you and pray for you during this difficult time. I love Susan and loved being her sister. I have so many memories of waterskiing together....driving our little Mustang that our Dad bought us...days at Lake Chelan...and fun times watching our own kids grow up. I loved all of our get togethers at Starbucks. I loved being able to push her in her wheel chair and show her our Mom's new home at Mirabella. will always be my special only sister. Love, Cindy Clapper Close
Memories / Bruce &. Jan Erickson (Neighbor)  Read >>
Memories / Bruce &. Jan Erickson (Neighbor)
Steve, Sara & Michael You will always have wonderful memories of your Wife and Mother. Susan was a very caring and courageous woman who will be missed greatly by all who knew her. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Close
A mother's legacy  / LT Wortham (Friend)  Read >>
A mother's legacy  / LT Wortham (Friend)

I have the pleasure of being close friends with Susan's daughter.  One thing I know is that Sara is the incredible legacy of an incredible mother.  It is clear that Susan's life was a blessing to many.  Her memory will be cherished.  She will live on through the love and lives of her husband and children.

My heart and thoughts are with the family.

kindred heart  / Duane Dorsey (brother in law )  Read >>
kindred heart  / Duane Dorsey (brother in law )
Susan was one of the nicest person i have ever met. always felf her kind words. and what a beauty inside and out.  i will truly miss her; and the word has lost one of its best Close
To the Steve Crumb family  / Nanny (Genelle) Doyle (Aunt of Steve's )  Read >>
To the Steve Crumb family  / Nanny (Genelle) Doyle (Aunt of Steve's )
It is hard to know what to say, other than we admire the courage your family has shown to all of us during this most difficult of times.  I would hope that our family could do the same if faced with this kind of adventure.  Hopefully, we won't be tested.  Larry and I do want you to know that we love you, support you, and admire you.  To Susan, God bless you.  We trust God will take good care of you.  Our love to all, L and G Close
Love you, miss you, will always remember you  / Scott Simpson (Friend)  Read >>
Love you, miss you, will always remember you  / Scott Simpson (Friend)
A truly wonderful , remarkable and courageous woman! An irreplaceable friend for many, many years. I will treasure my memories of Susan, the great times that were shared and her smile and good humor. Steve, Michael and Sara - thank you for letting her be a part of my life. Close
Sweet Susan and amazing Steve  / Marlene Schroeder (aunt)  Read >>
Sweet Susan and amazing Steve  / Marlene Schroeder (aunt)
How privileged I feel to have known you, Susan.  You have been  an inspiration to all of us.  Steve, you have been the most amazing caregiver.  Both of you are so dear to my heart.

People in heaven are so excited to welcome Susan to their heavenly family. Steve, wish I were there to give you a big hug.

Love and prayers from Minnesota. Marlene and Dick Close
Dear Sweet Susan  / Debbie Crumb (Sister-in-Law)  Read >>
Dear Sweet Susan  / Debbie Crumb (Sister-in-Law)
Susan was one of the sweetest persons I have ever known. She was so positive and always looked for the best in everyone and in every situation. She has certainly taught me a lot about courage and living life to the fullest. I miss and love you, Susan. Be at peace. Close
Love you sweet Susan  / Lori Rolley (Sis in law )  Read >>
Love you sweet Susan  / Lori Rolley (Sis in law )
Susan and that wonderful smile. I have so many memories of you, I don't know where to begin. Taking care of me when I got food poisoning at Expo 74. I was there with my church youth group and what a lucky girl I was to have a big sis and brother in Spokane. Living in Spokane with you and learning how to bake the multi layered cream filled chocolate cake. It is The cake Lenny and Matt ask for on their birthday. It will always be called Susan's cake. Our walks to Cannon Hill and Manito with Sara and going to the Longhorn for a bag of ribs. Michael was born while I was living in Spokane. Sara and I waiting patiently for his arrival at the Mrs. Carrother's Penthouse. All the fun family get togethers....the Minnesota trip.. We had a lot of laughs. And with Lenny and Steverino around we always had a comedy team that would put any reality show to shame. I can't go I to detail since we all know the campfire stories remain in the vault. Your bravery and incredible upbeat attitude over the past couple of years. Wow you and Steve are such an inspiration. You both have showed us that living each day and going for those adventures as a team is what true love is all about. I feel so honored to have been part of that beautiful day on top of Schweitzer last summer. The bride,groom and setting was glorious. You were radiant that day. It was the most magical wedding I have experienced and you were glowing inside and out. That spectacular weekend is how I will remember you surrounded by family and friends. You and Steve were always the perfect hosts. Thank you for such a great time. I will miss you dear sweet Susan, but joyful you are free. To Steve. Sara, Michael and are all amazing. The unconditional love, caring you have done so Susan can live her life on her terms is amazing. Who else would make sure Susan could see the lake place and condo again. Carrying her up all those steps so she could revisit those places of family memories. Steve taking Susan on the Seattle big Wheel in May. Susan loved that day and oh what a view. I just want to rain hugs on you all and thank you for taking such good care of our angel. Love, hugs, prayers Lori Jo Close